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Building Your Virtual Recruiting and Service Infrastructure


Potential service members and volunteers increasingly look to the web and social-media platforms for information about programs and opportunities-both site-based and virtual. This session will focus on the use of virtual environments for recruitment and as potential service sites.

Virtual environments have the potential to create new opportunities for programs and members as service may be conducted at a location other than the program site. In this session, we'll define virtual service and explain how it can benefit programs, discuss how to build your virtual service positions and infrastructure, and uncover ways to make virtual service opportunities successful for your program in the long term through recruitment and staff support.

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The National Service Inclusion Project (NSIP) is training and technical assistance provider on disability inclusion, under a cooperative agreement (#08TAHMA001) from Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). NSIP partners with the Association on University Centers on Disability, National Council on Independent Living, Association on Higher Education and Disability and National Down Syndrome Congress to build connections between disability organizations and all CNCS grantees, including national directs, to increase the participation of people with disabilities in national service.