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National Service and Inclusion Project

Inclusion: The active engagement of people with disabilities as service members in all levels of national and community service

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Inclusion Weekly

The National Service Inclusion Project frequently posts messages to listservs hosted by the National Service Resource Center. These posts have evolved into a weekly newsletter/discussion: "Inclusion Weekly."

Below you will find links to prior editions with summaries of individuals' responses. Would you like the opportunity to review "Inclusion Weekly" first?
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If you would like to comment on any of these postings, or have a suggestion for a future "Inclusion Weekly" subject, please contact the NSIP Team.


February 7: Availability of NSIP Technical Assistance
Please contact NSIP as your technical assistance resource for the inclusion of all people in national service.


September 11: - Cover Email Regarding Voting Materials - Model Letter to Elected Officials - Materials for Restoring Voting Rights for Persons Under Guardianship
This week's News, Notes, and Resources provides information voting rights for persons with guardians.

September 6: September is National Preparedness Month - Emergency Evacuation Policy - Ability Awareness Assessment - Personal Evacuation Assistance Checklist
Guest writer Lanny Taulbee, Disabilities Coordinator for the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service, encourages you in this week's Inclusion Weekly to develop an answer to "What IF?" Included is information and resources to create a personal readiness plan to make sure you stay safe.

August 9: Performance Measures - Logic Model Information - Create a Plan Template
This week's Inclusion Weekly discusses how to use measurement tools to reach your inclusive goals.

July 30: 2010 Census Disability Statistics
This week's Inclusion Weekley focuses on the implications of an increase in disability prevalence based on 2010 Census Data. NSIP would like your feedback.

July 5: Building Effective Partnerships - Partnerships Booklet
This week's Inclusion Weekly addresses building effective partnerships and how they can help you accomplish and measure your organization's goals.

June 12: Accessibility Planning for Public Events
Do you have an upcoming national service or volunteering event and would like to be more inclusive? NSIP is happy to help! Please see this inclusion weekly for guidelines on access and accommodations for your event.

June 6: OneStar Disability Inclusion Survey
Suzanne Potts, Senior Program Manager for the Texas OneStar Foundation, discusses her program's disability inclusion survey and findings.

May 31: Emergency Evacuation and Inclusive Environments - Ability Self-Assessment - Emergency Assistance Checklist
Here are some plans to help your create or revise your program's emergency evacuation plans.

April 18: NSIP Introduction to Survey - Veterans in National Service with ALA C2SC Survey Results
The NSIP team would like to share this information with you related to a Survey of Veterans in National Service with American Legion Auxiliary Call to Service Corps.

March 9: Inclusive Ideas During AmeriCorps Week
This inclusion weekly focuses on ideas to celebrate AmeriCorps Works as an inclusive program.

February 23: AMD Scenario
This inclusion weekly includes a scenario regarding a member with Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

February 8: IRS Provides Assistance for People with Disabilities
This inclusion weekly is a resource for that the IRS provides assistance for people with disabilities to receive tax assistance.

January 20: The Interactive Process Fact Sheet
A guide to addressing reasonable accommodation requests.

January 12: MLK Day
How might a VISTA Program create and Inclusive Day of Service?


November 18: Person-First Resource Guide
This Inclusion Weekly shares a helpful resource guide for incorporating person-first language.

October 28: Vocational Rehabilitation and Service
This Inclusion Weekly talks about promoting collaboration between Vocational Rehabilitation agencies and national service programs.

October 21: Consider National Service During the School-to-Work Transition for Youth with Disabilities
This Inclusion Weekly focuses on strategies that help youth with disabilities use their service experience during school-to-work transition to explore options that lead to meaningful employment.

October 14: Networking
This Inclusion Weekly discusses the opportunities that are available to national service members through networking.

October 7: Disability Employment Awareness Month
This Inclusion Weekly discusses service as a path to meaningful employment.

September 23: Accessible Documents and Presentations
Discussion of universal design principles applied to electronic documents and presentations.

September 19: Partnering Works
Discussion on the benefits of partnership in National Service.

September 1: Response to Virtual Volunteering
This inclusion weekly shares the feedback from the national service field on the topic of the previous week.

August 25: A Scenario on Virtual Volunteering
This Inclusion weekly is about a member who due to health conditions needs to switch to a virtual volunteering setting at home.

August 18: Information on is a great resource tool to explore.

August 11: September 11- A Day of Rememberance and Service
This topic discusses the national service opportunities to give back to your local and national community in commemmoration of the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attack.

August 4: Introduction to Second Life
This week's topic explores how Second Life presents new opportunities for the national service and disability communities. Included are resources links and information on where and how to get started.

July 28: ADA Turns 21
This inclusion weekly celebrates the 21st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities act and outlines how national service programs are upholding the ADA's commitment to inclusion of people with disabilities.

July 15: Engaging Veterans in National Service
The topic for this inclusion weekly details strategies for engaging veterans in national service.

July 1: Independent Living
This inclusion weekly provides a brief history of and resources for Independent Living Centers.

June 17: Engaging Veterans and Wounded Warriors in National Service
This inclusion weekly discusses marketing national service to veterans.

May 27: Responses to a Scenario about Inclusive Training
This inclusion weekly provides responses from the field to the question posed on May 19th.

May 19: A Scenario About Inclusive Training
How to include a service member named Jack in a bridge building project.

May 13: Disability Inclusion at the National Conference on Volunteering and Service
Informatin about the National Conference on Volunteering and Service

May 6: Seniors in Service
This inclusion weekly tells the story of a Seniorcorps volunteer.

April 29: AmeriCorps Week and Other Volunteer Recruitment Activities
This inclusion weekly discusses tips for recruiting volunteers with disabilities in national service.

April 15: Volunteer with Obesity
Accommodating a volunteer with obesity.

April 8: Communicating with Members and Volunteers who have Hearing Disabilities
The inclusion weekly this week gives resources for communicating with members and volunteers who have hearing disabilities.

April 1: Inclusive Interviewing - Inclusive Interviewing Script
When you use inclusive interviewing techniques everyone benefits, including applicants who have disabilities.

March 23: Emergency Preparedness
The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan remind us that it is important to include people with disabilities in emergency preparedness activities. This Inclusion Weekly provides resources and tips on how include people with disabilities in emergency planning.

March 10: Can Questions on Disability or Health Conditions Be Asked During the Interview or Application Phase?
This inclusion weekly provides information on appropriate and innapropriate interview questions as well as resources for inclusive interviewing.

March 3: Mental Health
This Inclusion Weekly gives information on mental health-related disabilities and provides some tips for creating a service environment that is inclusive of all participants.

Feb 24: Outreach and Recruitment
A discussion of serveral ways that you can ensure your recruitment activities are inclusive.

Feb 10: Talking to Sites Answers
This Inclusion Weekly gives answers from the field about how to talk to sites about disability inclusion.

Feb 3: Talking to Sites Scenario
This Inclusion Weekly poses a scenario about talking to service sites about disability inclusion.

Jan 27: National Mentoring Month
This Inclusion Weekly topic provides advice to others who are considering becoming mentors.
Materials: Stelios Gragoudas Mentoring Video - Lora Burgnaro Mentoring Podcast - Oz Mondejar Mentoring Podcast

Jan 20: Alternative Spring Break Answers
This Inclusion Weekly gives reactions from the field to a scenario about an inclusive service trip and provides some tips for making service trips more universally accessible.

Jan 13: Alternative Spring Break 2011
This week opens up a discussion of alternative spring break plans and asking participants to respond with their ideas.

Jan 6: Beginning the New Year with Resources and Feedback
This Inclusion Weekly gives an overview of the resources available from the NSIP website and asks readers to complete a short survey about the Inclusion Weekly.


December 23: Universal Design for Management of Members and Volunteers
This Inclusion Weekly includes a list of tips for management of members and volunteers using the principles of Universal Design. This list was written by the participants of the National Disability Trainer Development Institute.

December 17: Ideas from the Field for Inclusive MLK Days of Service
In this Inclusion Weekly you will find examples of ways states and programs have worked to make their days of service more inclusive of all who wish to participate.

December 9: MLK Day 2011 Question
MLK Day of Service: This Inclusion Weekly asks the field to share their experiences and ideas for engaging people with disabilities in MLK Day of Service activities.

December 3: Louisiana Green Corps
Louisiana Green Corps: This inclusion weekly highlights the work of the Louisiana Green Corps and their inclusion of members with intellectual disabilities.

November 23: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
This Inclusion Weekly celebrates the 35th anniversary of the landmark Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

November 12: Veterans Day
This Inclusion Weekly discusses the benefits of including veterans with disabilities in national service programs. Veterans who have served in AmeriCorps share how service has impacted their lives.

November 4: Acquired Disability Responses
This Inclusion Weekly provides answers from the field about providing accommodation to members and volunteers who have acquired disabilities.

October 29: Acquired Disability Questions
This Inclusion Weekly poses some important questions about acquired disabilities that were raised during a recent training and asks fot responses from readers.

October 22: Service Learning
Including Service Learning on an Individualized Educational Program is a promising practice for engaging students with disabilities in service.

October 15: Ollie Cantos on Disability Mentoring Day
Ollie Cantos, former White House advisor on disability issues, shares his views on the importance of mentoring and the American Association of People With Disabilities Disability Mentoring Day.

October 8: Tips from Employers on Resumes and Interviews
Advice from employers on how to present service on a resume and in an interview.

September 29: Resources for Participants Transitioning to Employment
Some tips for helping service members and volunteers with disabilities transition from service to employment.

September 16: National Senior Corps Week
Why seniors need to serve as much as we need their service.

August 30: Confidentiality and Disclosure in a Team
What would you do, if confidentiality and disclosure challenge arose at your service site?

August 26: Drafting a Reasonable Accommodations Policy
The key elements that should be considered when programs develop reasonable accommodation policies and valuable resource for information regarding the subject.

August 16: Inaccessible Transportation
This posting gives a problem-solving scenario that focuses on an inaccessible transportation issue that might come up in a rural area.

August 13: Senate Approved Language Change
Senate approves Rosa's Law, striking "mental retardation" from Federal lexicon.

August 2: Alternative Materials Formatting Scenario
Can this program accommodate Joe, or is he unqualified for the position?

July 29: ADA Turns 20
A look at the U.S. Laws regarding the right of persons with disability on the 20th anniversary of passage of the ADA.

July 20: The FMLA's and ADA's Application to National Service Programs
This post describes how the FMLA and ADA impact CNCS programs and their the service members that work for them.

July 13: Dwight Owens 2010 Spirit of Service Award Winner
Announcement of and congratulations to this year's "Spirit of Service Award" winner.

June 21: Is Depression a Disability
Here is a scenario which will help you understand mental illness and how it can impact a persons ability to work.

June 14: Mandatory Disclosure of Prescription Drug Use
Do mandatory reporting policies regarding prescription drugs violate the ADA or Rehabilitation Act?

June 7: Disclosure During an Interview
This scenario asks you to assess how a interviewer should conduct themselves when an interviewee discloses a disability.

June 1: Accommodation During Interview Process
This scenario asks you to think about issues regarding requests for documentation during the interview process.


June 5: Encouraging Disclosure and Creating Inclusive Environments
How to create a service environment that encourages disclosure.

April 30: Engaging Service Members of All Ages and Abilities in Service
Older American's Month and review of CNCS's report "The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research."

April 24: Emergency Preparedness and Persons with Disabilities
How does your organization work to prepare people, including individuals with disabilities, in the event of an emergency?

April 15: Celebrating People of All Abilities in Action
Three new stories of service members or volunteers with disabilities in action.

April 10: Engaging Members of All Abilities in Outdoor Service Opportunities
National service programs are working to engage members and volunteers of all abilities in service opportunities outdoors.

April 2: Autism and Inclusive Interviewing For Everyone
Information and tips for including members with autism is provided in this week's Inclusion Weekly.

March 26: Ensuring Inclusive Language and Service Environments
Some situations call for training staff without disabilities.

March 19: Traumatic Brain Injury and Assistive Technology
Information about Traumatic Brain Injury and how to include them in service environments.

March 11: Recruiting Qualified Members with Disabilities
Here are some ways to recruit potential members with disabilities.

March 5: Information on the Earned Income Tax Credit
Information for Service Members regarding free tax form completion help and the Earned Income Tax Credit.

February 26: Engaging Members & Children with Multiple Learning Styles in Reading and Service
In celebration of 'Read Across America Day', NSIP highlights service and universal design as it relates to teaching children to read.

February 19: Creating and Implementing Inclusive Policies to Improve Service Environments for Everyone
When considering what policies to implement in your program in order to create a more inclusive and accessible environment, use the principle of universal design for guidance.

January 20: Obama Administration's Agenda Regarding People with Disabilities
Where to find information regarding the Obama Administration's policy plans regarding people with disabilities.

January 13: MLK Day Service for All
Information regarding inclusive service activities offered around the country on MLK Day.

January 7: Computer Electronics Accommodation Program
The Computer Electronics Accommodation Program (CAP) is one that works to provide assistive technology to returning veterans that may be in need.


December 31: Assistive Technology for People with Non-Apparent Disabilities
Small and simple tasks that come with ease to some people many times present more of a challenge to others. Not only is this the case in everyday life, but also within national service.

December 7: Computer Technology Accessible to All
Thanks to technological advancements, barriers for all users, especially people with disabilities have been minimized, and computer applications have been made accessible to all including those in national service positions.

December 4: Computer Technology Accessibility
Technology advancements have made computer usage more accessible for people with disabilities around the world and allowed for service to be given by many.

November 25: Overcoming Barriers to Service for Seniors for Seniors with Disabilities
Seniors, no matter the disability they may have, can be accommodated in a variety of ways so that they may have the opportunity to contribute.

November 20: Social Security Announces Nationwide Launch of Compassionate Allowances
The Social Security Commissioner's comments on the national roll out of the agency’s Compassionate Allowances Initiative.

November 14: Veterans and the Wounded Warrier Aid
News coverage of the efforts of the Army Wounded Warrior Program to locate wounded veterans.

November 7: 2008 National Conference on Disability Inclusion
Materials and links on the web for more information following the 2008 National Conference on Disability Inclusion.

October 30: National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Purpose description of the National Disability Employment Awareness Month and NSIP programs.

October 23: Accessible Polling Information
Information on regulations intended to ensure that equal voting rights are offered to all people with and without disabilities.

August 28: A Barrier to Service
Transportation barriers, though much improved recently, still present obstacles.

July 31: The DOJ Commemorates the 18th Anniversary of the ADA
Reflections on the importance and impact of the American Disabilities Act.

July 25: Emergency Preparedness and Historic Presidential Forum
Summary and link to the National Council on Disability Report on Lessons Learned: People with Disabilities and Emergency Management.

July 2: ADA Restoration Act Passes with Bipartisan Teamwork
Bipartisan support for the passage of the ADA Restoration Act.

June 24: Service and Volunteer Opportunities Increasing for People with Disabilities
An example from Tennessee of a volunteer with a disability receiving much deserved recognition.

May 22: Money Makeover Makes Sense for Dollars
Recent court decision may require the Treasury Department to make modifications to US currency.

April 9: Virtual Volunteering in National Service
Suggestions on ways to incorporate virtual volunteers.

March 27: Resources to Access Economic Stimulus Payments Information
Quick reference for ways to access 2008 Economic Stimulus payments.

March 21: Study Findings About the Typical Cost of Accommodation
Contains some interesting findings (and the link) of a DePaul 2008 study on the cost of accomodations.

March 7: Creating Opportunities to Share Talents
Positive examples of service by individuals with disabilities.

February 22: Communication Access.
Tips on creating communication access.

February 14: Service Animals Assisting in Many Ways
A quick overview of the variety of service animals.

February 6: Super Bowl Commercial
Recap of Super Bowl Commercial starring two actors who are deaf.

January 16: ADA Restoration Act
Information about the ongoing debate around the Americans with Disabilities Act.


December 12: Case Study 2- Symptoms Could Accur Again
A review of the question whether a service member's duties may be limited due to their disability.

November 23: Case Study 1- Addiction As A Disability
A review of the question if addiction is a disability.

October 7: A Movie for Everyone- Darius Goes West
A group of teenagers hits the road to travel across the USA with a friend who has an "issue".

September 28: Attitudes and Reasonable Accommodation
Is your attitude about providing accommodations positive or negative?

September 20: Person-First Language Sends an Important Message
Information on updated person-first language.

August 31: Traumatic Brain Injury A Hidden Disability
Important information regarding traumatic brain injury.

August 25: Teleservice and the ADA
Test your knowledge regarding the requirements of ADA and teleservice.

August 18: Outreach and Recruitment
How to attract service members with disabilities.

August 7: No and Low Cost Online Tools for People with Disabilities
Access to computer technology is critical to a level playing field.

July 21: New Resource Map for
Check out the federal government's one-stop Web site for disability-related information and resources.

July 7: Understanding Non-Apparent Disabilities
Find out more about non-apparent disabilities and how the ADA protects those who have them.

June 29: Telecommuting Request Denied by Federal Court
Some important information regarding recent federal court decisions regarding accommodating people with disabilities.

June 20: National Council on Disability Public Consultation
Help the National Council on Disability to find the best practices for emergency preparedness.

May 31: Mental Retardation Not a Disability Under ADA
This is a summary of a recent court ruling regarding the ADA.

May 25: Disabilities Among American Workers on the Rise
What is causing a rise in people with disabilities in the workforce?

May 7: Humor is Natural Communication
People with disabilities have a sense of humor too.

May 4: Fears Lead to Barriers
Dispelling fear with information and reason.

April 20: Accommodating Members with Hearing Loss
There are many ways to accommodate people with hearing loss.

April 11: Accommodating Members with Low Vision
There are many ways to accommodate people with low vision.

April 4: Accommodating Members with Cognitive Disabilities
There are many ways to accommodate people with cognitive disabilities.

March 27: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Environmental Illness
Information regarding the issues people with chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses.

March 21: Accommodating those with Psychiatric Disabilities
Various ways to accommodate people with psychiatric disabilities.

March 13: Accommodations for Chronic Pain Issues
Information regarding chronic pain and how to accommodate those suffering from it.

February 8: Low Tech or High Tech Assistive Technology Tools Are Useful
Useful information about assistive technology.

January 29: Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Planning
Does your service program have an emergency plan in place for all your staff, including those individuals with disabilities?

January 10: Including People with Disabilities in National and Community ServicePromising Practices
This is a summary of the events and information at the CNCS national conference.

March 1: Increase Inclusiveness Through Virtual Volunteering Opportunities
Are you on the cutting edge of volunteer management?


December 26: Share Your Experiences with Volunteering
Information regarding the Disability Social History Project.

December 15: Recruitment and Placement of Service Members for an Inclusive Service Environment
A survey tool to help you utilize your service members effectively.

December 7: Recruiting People with Disabilities- Use Your Service Members Voices
When recruiting people with disabilities for service positions, often the best tool is the voice of your current members.

December 1: The Real Problem in Disability Employment
How much does perception of a disability in society play a role in the ability to be employed or retain a position in the workforce?

October 23: Personal Assistance Service in the Workplace
What are Personal Assistance Services in the Workplace?

September 12: Information for Travelers with Disabilities
Travelers need to be aware of new procedures and rules.

August 23: Recreational Activities
Recreational fun for everyone.

August 7: EEOC Fact Sheet
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) releases a new fact sheet about people who are deaf and their protection under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

August 3: Statistics of People with Disabilities
1990 Census Information Regarding People with Disabilities.

July 26: Emergency Preparedness Review
A recent review conducted by the Department of Homeland Security revealed significant disparities in emergency preparedness for people with disabilities.

July 13: Bringing to Light Web Site Inaccessibility
How to make your web site more accessible.

June 12: Inclusive Mentoring
How to include people with disabilities in mentoring programs.

June 9: Resource for Finding Qualified People with Disabilities
Where to find qualified service members with disabilities.

May 30: Outreach and Recruitment to the Disability Community
Ensuring that your recruitment plan is inclusive and accessible to all is not a difficult endeavor.

May 19: Raw Beauty
Check out this innovative new art project.

May 9: Inclusive Emergency Preparedness
Inclusive emergency preparedness effectively addresses the unique needs and assets of individuals with disabilities in order to minimize adverse effects.

May 4: Do Not Judge Whether Someone Has a Disability
We are more than meets the eye.

April 28: Rolling Alongside the Runners
A recent decision in a Federal court has enabled an athlete with a disability the right to race alongside runners without disabilities.

March 28: Qualified Individual
Can we accommodate this worker?

March 17: Attitudinal Barriers
Changing attitudes is as important as changing the physical environment for those with disabilities.

March 6: Service and Federal Benefits
Information about the impact of service on Federal Benefits.

March 2: Acquiring a Disability
If we all live long enough, we all join the disability fraternity.

January 9: Temporary Adjustment to Essential Functions
Can essential functions of a job be adjusted temporarily?


December 22: Disclosure, Confidentiality, and Safety Answer
Response to Inclusion Weekly 12.19.05- Protect privacy through universal precautions.

December 19: Disclosure, Confidentiality, and Safety Question
Question on how to protect privacy.

November 14: Answer to Determining Accommodations
Answer to Inclusion Weekly 11.07.05.

November 7: Determining Accommodations Question
Scenario involving the accommodation of a service animal.

November 4: Job Accommodation Network Based Answer
Importance of a welcoming environment.

November 1: Job Accommodation Network Question
Questions about disclosing a psychiatric illness.

October 27: Myths about Psychiatric Disabilities
Debunking myths associated with psychiatric illness.

October 17: Some Ideas for Accommodations
Ideas on overcoming impasses for accommodations.

October 11: Training Offerings from NSIP
Description of training offered by the National Service Inclusion Project.

September 26: Success Stories
Soliciting success stories.

September 22: Protected Under the ADA Answer
Response to Inclusion Weekly 9.19.05- Questions about protections of guardians of people with disabilities.

September 19: Protected Under the ADA Question
Question about protections of guardians of people with disabilities.

September 15: Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Answer
Response to Inclusion Weekly 9.12.05- Things to remember with emergency preparedness.

September 12: Inclusive Emergency Preparedness Question
Questions about emergency preparedness.

September 8: Exemptions Response
The common exemptions that an organization has with respect to their obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

September 6: Exemptions Question
Scenario involving legal exemptions of employer obligations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

September 1: Equal Benefits and Privileges of Service Response
Response to questions about equal benefits and privileges of service.

August 29: Equal Benefits and Privileges of Service
The ADA and 504 requires that individuals with disabilities enjoy the equal benefits and privileges of service. This issue asks the field to share how they ensure it occurs.
Read the response (9/6/05 edition)

August 22 Fears of the National Service Community
Often barriers to inclusion are created from fears. This issue aims to discover the greatest fears the national service community has concerning inclusion.

August 15 What's Your Opinion of the ADA Notification Act?
The ADA notification act would provide a veil for establishments. Some people say it provides organizations with protections they are entitled to; others say it is the beginning of the deregulation of the ADA. What's your opinion?
Read the response (8/15/05 edition)

August 8 Inclusion Issues Pertinent to National Service
A call for readers to respond with the most significant issues concerning inclusion in national service.

August 1 Attitudinal Barriers to Inclusion
A look at how the attitudes of individuals with disabilities can act as a barrier to inclusion

July 25 Expensive Requests for Accommodations
How does an organization deal with a request for an excessively costly accommodation?
Read the response (7/25/05 edition)

July 18 >Outreach and Recruitment Ideas
Does your program have effective recruitment and retention policies for people with disabilities?

July 11 Is This Request for Accommodations Reasonable?
A service member with a disability requests some extremely costly accommodations. What should the organization do?

July 5 A Peer Mentor with a Developmental Disability
Can an individual with Down syndrome be qualified to serve as a peer mentor?
Read the response (7/5/05 edition)

June 27 Disclosure
Do individuals with hidden disabilities have a responsibility to disclose?

June 20 Allergies to Service Animals
What happens when accommodating an individual with a disability risks the health of others in the environment?
Read the response (6/20/05 edition)

June 13 A Tutor with Epilepsy
A candidate for a service position, who will be in charge of a tutoring program, discloses to her supervisor that she has epilepsy.
Read the response (6/13/05)

June 9 Inaccessible Meeting Space
What would you do if a service member could not physically access his service site?
Read the response (6/9/05 edition)

May 26 Planning Your Events with Accessibility in Mind
When sponsoring a conference, do you keep the needs of individuals with disabilities in mind?
Read the response (5/26/05 edition)

May 19 Accommodations for Individuals with Acquired Disabilities
Many individuals who have acquired functional limitations do not receive reasonable accommodations to which they are entitled. This issue tries to explain why.
Read the response (5/19/05 edition)

May 12 Proper Language for People Who Do Not Have a Disability
"Inclusion Weekly" has used the term "able-bodied" when describing people who do not have a disability. This issue asks for alternative suggestions.
Read the response (5/12/05 edition)

May 5 Providing Reasonable Accommodations
Section 504 and the ADA require that qualified individuals with disabilities be provided reasonable accommodations upon request, here it is suggested that all individuals, regardless of their abilities, be given reasonable accommodations.

April 28 Individuals with Physical Disabilities Performing Physical Labor
A mock scenario in which a qualified individual with a physical disability applies for a service position that would require him to blaze trails and perform exotic species removal.
Read the response (4/28/05 edition)

April 21 What Qualifies as a Disability?
Many individuals are unaware that conditions such as alcoholism and obsessive compulsive disorder are considered disabilities. This issue explains why.

April 14 Participation in National Service and Government Benefits
Many individuals with disabilities receive some form of government assistance, which can be affected by participation in national service. Discover some resources on this subject.

April 7 Jane Doe vs. Smith Hospital: Reasonable Accommodations
In this scenario, a woman with a hidden disability is denied a request for accommodation.
Read the response (4/7/05 edition)

April 1 Accommodations Benefiting Everyone
Often accommodations created for people with disabilities benefit everyone, regardless of their abilities.

March 24 Risking Your Safety on the Job: EEOC Regulations vs. ADA Protections
In this scenario, an individual's disability results in his employment putting his health at risk, and creates a conflict between the ADA and Equal Employment Opportunity regulations.
Read the response (3/24/05 edition)

March 18 What Is Your Opinion of ABC's "Blind Justice"?
A call for readers to respond with their opinion of common, inaccurate perceptions of the abilities of people with disabilities.

March 10 The Definition of Disability
A historical look at what it means to have a disability, referring to an article by the World Institute on Disability.

March 3 Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals
Some general information on how we should act when we meet an individual who uses a service animal.

February 25 Making Documents Accessible to People with Visual Disabilities
Some suggestions on designing documents with access in mind, with reference to a document by the American Council for the Blind.

February 18 Veterans and National Service Programs
A look at recruiting veterans with disabilities as members in your service programs.

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