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National Service and Inclusion Project

Inclusion: The active engagement of people with disabilities as service members in all levels of national and community service

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March 14: Exploring Episodic Service: Engaging New Populations of Individuals, Including People with Disabilities and Veterans

February 18: Demystifying Disability- Disability Awareness & Appreciation Training for Florida's AmeriCorps Programs

January 24: National Service Guide to Military Cultural Competency

January 10: Project Impact Webinar

  1. Presentation Materials
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December 6: Social Security 101

December 5: Project Impact Webinar

  1. Presentation Materials
October 19: Project Impact Overview for AmeriCorps Programs

October 12: FL Disability Awareness Training Webinar

September 18: Disability Back 2 Basics

August 30: Project Impact- Changing Communities by Engaging Youth in Service, presented by Volunteer Florida

August 15: Accessible Transportation- Collaboration between Education and Transit to Facilitate Access to Programs across Disability

July 25: Disability and Disclosure

May 15: Addressing Diversity and Disability: A Discussion of Improving Systems-Level Cultural Competency for National Service Programs

April 25: Effective Practices in Creating a Transformative Service Experience with NextSTEP

February 29: Including Seniors and Members with Acquired Disabilities

January 25: Creating Compelling Member Stories as Part of Your Outreach and Recruitment Strategy

January 20: WY Inclusion Awareness Webinar


November 10: Inclusion Goes Digital: How to Build an Accessible Website for Your Organization
Materials: PowerPoint Presentation - CART Transcript

October 18: Service Works: Collaboration Between Vocational Rehabilitation and National Service Programs as an Avenue Toward Employment for VR Clients
Materials: VR PowerPoint Presentation - Link to WebEx Webinar Archive

September 28: Creating Accessible Electronic Documents and Presentations
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Accessible Documents PowerPoint Presentation - Accessible Documents Handout - Making Presentations Accessible Handout - CART Webinar Transcript

August 25: Virtual Communities and National Service: NSIP Introduces Second Life
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Introduction to Second Life PowerPoint Presentation (22mb file) - Getting Started Guide for Second Life - NSIP's Second Life Webpage - Virtual Ability's Webpage

July 26: Engaging Veterans with Disabilities and Wounded Warriors in National and Community Service
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Engaging Veterans PowerPoint Presentation - Dog Tags Quote 1 - Dog Tags Quote 2 - Dog Tags Quote 3 - Dog Tags Quote 4 - CTAT OTF Poster - Webinar Transcript
Veterans Website Page:

March 10: North Dakota Training Event- Including Individuals with Disability in National and Community Service
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - PowerPoint Presentation - Word and PDF Accessibility Guide - Web Accessibility Guidelines
Describing Essential and Marginal Functions - UD Program Questions Sheet - Action Step Planning

March 7: Changing Perspectives- Creating a Culture that Values the Inclusion of Those with Mental Illness
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Changing Perspectives PowerPoint Presentation - Changing Perspectives CART Transcript

January 25: MLK Day of Service- Encouraging People with Disabilities as Participants in Service
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - MLK Day PowerPoint Presentation - Whiteboard Quetsions


October 26: NSIP Showcases the NextSTEP: National Service To Employment Project
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - NextSTEP PowerPoint - Story of Alex - NextSTEP Fact Sheet - Recommendations Matrix

October 15: Virtual Volunteering and National Service
Materials: Link to YouTube Video Recording - PowerPoint Presentation - Virtual Volunteering Guidebook - Resource Links

September 22: TASH Webinar
Materials: NSIP PowerPoint Presentation for TASH

September 21: National Service- Engaging Veterans in Their Next Assignment
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Engaging Veterans in Their Next Assignment PowerPoint Presentation - Chat and Questions Transcript Word Document

August 26: Disclosure
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - Disclosure PowerPoint Presentation - Disclosure Transcript Word Document

July 24: 20th Anniversary of Americans with Disabilities Act Celebration in Second Life (ADA Day)
Materials: ADA Day PowerPoint Presentation

June 29: Building Bridges: Making the Connection Between Service and Positive Futures for Individuals with Disabilities
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive

May 26: Developing Inclusive Service Position Descriptions
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Developing Inclusive Service Position Descriptions (PPT), Writing Essential and Marginal Functions Template (DOC), Sample Service Description (DOC)

April 16: Creating an Accessible Outdoor Service Site from the Utah Conservation Corps
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - 2010 Forum Toolkit - Accessible Garden Video - UCC Toolkit PDF - 2010 Inclusion Project Brochure PDF - Paths to Inclusion PDF - Webinar Transcript

March 10: Providing Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities in National Service Programs
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Providing Reasonable Accommodations PowerPoint

January 27: Using Inclusive Social Media in National Service to Recruit Individuals with Disabilities
Materials: Link to WebEx Webinar Archive - Social Media and Inclusion PowerPoint - Webinar Transcript

January 8: Disability Organizations Becoming National Service Programs
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - Joseph Evans' PowerPoint - Martha Escandon's PowerPoint


November 3: Promoting National Service within the Workforce System
Materials: DPN Brochure - DOL Fact Sheet - Disability Program Navigator Powerpoint - Link to Webinar Archive - 11/09 Serve America Powerpoint - 11/09 Powerpoint

October 1: Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in Higher Ed and National Service
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 10/09 Powerpoint

June 16: Sharing Service Experiences: Senior Corps Volunteers
Materials: Recorded Call - 6/09 Transcript - PDF Containing Photos of 6/09 Speakers

May 20: Inclusive Interviewing for National & Community Service Programs
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 5/09 Transcript

April 23: Strategies to Dynamically Engage Volunteers Over 55 in Program Training
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 4/09 Transcript

March 19: Integrating Service Learning into an Individualized Education Program (IEP)
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 3/09 Powerpoint (PDF) - 3/09 Resource

February 23: Universal Design in Early Childhood Education
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 2/09 Transcript - Web links for Universal Design for Young Children

January 22: Association of Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD)
Materials: Recorded Call - 1/09 Transcript


December 17: Volunteers with Disabilities Serving Internationally
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 12/17 Transcript

Dec 5: Experiences of Program Staff that Supervise Service Members and Volunteers with Disabilities
Materials:12/08 Transcript - Recorded Call

Oct 31: Supervising Service Members and Volunteers with Disabilities: A Practical Approach
Materials:10/08 Transcript - 10/08 Powerpoint

Sept 9: NSIP Fellows Share Promising Practices for Engaging People with ALL Abilities in National Service
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 09/08 Transcript

Aug 26: US Veterans Serving as Mentors
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 08/08 Transcript

July 29: Inclusive Intergenerational Mentoring
Materials: Link to Webinar Archive - 07/08 Transcript

June 19: Veterans Serving in Their Community
Materials: Link to Recorded Webinar - 06/08 Transcript

May 22: Understanding the History of the Independent Living Movement
Materials: Recorded Call - 05/08 Transcript

April 30th: CNCS Disability Outreach Grantees
Materials: Recorded Call - 04/08 Transcript

March 28th: Engaging Students with Disabilities in Service-Learning
Materials: Tucson Unified School District Everyone Reads - 03/08 Powerpoint - Learn and Serve Flyer - 03/08 Transcript - Recorded Call

February 21st: Recruiting Baby Boomers
Materials: 02/08 Transcript - Link to Recorded Webinar - 02/08 Powerpoint

January 24th: Engaging Service Members and Volunteers with Down Syndrome
Materials: 01/08 Transcript - Link to Recorded Webinar


December 11th: 508 and Website Accessibility
Materials: 12/07 Powerpoint - 12/07 Transcript - Link to Recorded Webinar

November 6th: Becoming an AmeriCorps Site: Experiences of Disability Organizations and UCEDDs Applying for and Operating AmeriCorps Programs
Materials: 11/07 Powerpoint - 11/07 Transcript - Link to Recorded Webinar

October 9: Working with Potential National Service Members and Volunteers who have Spina Bifida
Materials: 10/07 Powerpoint - 10/07 Transcript - 10/07 Recorded Webinar

September 25: ADD/ADHD Can Be an Asset
Materials: 9/07 Transcript - 9/07 Powerpoint - Link to the Recorded Webinar

September 6: Wide Open Spaces: Accessible Conference and Meeting Spaces for All
Materials: 9/07 Transcript - 9/07 Powerpoint

August 29: Mentoring Youth with Disabilities
Materials: 8/07 Recorded Call - 8/07 transcript - 8/07 Powerpoint

July 23: Life After Americorps
Materials:7/07 Recorded Call - 7/07 transcript

June 28: How to Use Great Resources from
Materials:6/07 archived webconference - 6/07 transcript
Note: Due to technical difficulty at the time of the recording, audio quality on the June 07 webconference is of a lower quality than previous archives.

May 17: Volunteers Working with Ex-Offenders who also have Disabilities
Materials: 5/07 Powerpoint - 5/07 transcript - 05/07 archived teleconference

April 17: Promoting Volunteer Activities among Older Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Inclusion in Senior Corps.
Materials: 4/07 archived webconference - 4/07 transcript

February 15: Management and Supervision of Members and Volunteers with Disabilities.
Materials: 2/07 archived webconference - 2/07 transcript

January 22: Understanding the special needs pooled trust
Materials: 1/07 archived webconference - 1/07 transcript


December 20: Supporting service members with developmental disabilities to volunteer effectively
Materials: 12/06 archived webconference - 12/06 transcript

November 20: Life after AmeriCorps
Materials: 11/06 transcript - 11/06 archived teleconference

October 24: Tips for working with volunteers who have diverse learning styles
Materials: 10/06 archived webconference - 10/06 transcript

September 21: Who benefits when seniors volunteer?
Materials: 9/06 archived webconference - 9/06 Powerpoint - "Gaining Health While Giving Back to the Community" (Word doc)

August 16: Supervision and management of volunteers with disabilities
Materials: 8/06 archived webconference - 8/06 transcript

July 19: Inclusive marketing: Reach potential volunteers with and without disabilities
Materials: 7/06 archived webconference - 7/06 Powerpoint

June 13: Developing partnerships between national service and disability organizations
Materials: 6/06 transcript

May 4: Emergency preparedness
Materials: 5/06 archived webconference - 5/06 transcript

April 6: Assistive technology for aging in place
Materials: 4/06 transcript - 4/06 archived webconference (captioned).
Additional teleconference discussion: Working with children who have autism (transcript)

March 14: Understanding the mental health impact of natural disaster
Materials: 3/06 transcript - 3/06 archived webconference (movie).

February 15: The use of benefits in national service
Materials: 2/06 transcript - 2/06 archived webconference. (Use Centra 7.5.)

January 19: A sound investment: Meeting the needs of people with hearing loss.
Materials: 1/06 transcript - 1/06 archived webconference

Tech note: Webconferences from 8/05 - 1/06 use Centra 7.2, an older version of the Centra software. Install Centra 7.2.

2005 Web/Teleconferences

Webconference: AmeriCorps alumni speak about their experience as individuals with disabilities and how they made a positive impact
Date: December 15, 2005
Materials: 12/05 transcript - 12/05 archived webconference

Webconference: How to supervise and serve with individuals who have experienced a traumatic brain injury
Date: November 10, 2005
Materials: 11/05 transcript - 11/05 archived webconference

Webconference: How to encourage disclosure of disability within the organization
Date: October 24, 2005
Materials: 10/05 transcript - 10/05 archived webconference

Webconference: PhotoVoice - An alternative method to communicate service members' and volunteers' experiences
Date: September 8, 2005
Materials: 9/05 transcript - 9/05 archived webconference

Webconference: How to conduct an organizational survey to appropriately ask whether your service members or volunteers have a disability
Date: August 30, 2005
Materials: 8/05 transcript - 8/05 archived webconference

Webconference: How can we help you? Services offered by the National Service Inclusion Project
Date: June 7, 2005

Note: NSIP changed from phone to web-based conferences in the summer of 2005.

Teleconference: The ADA, 504, and national service
Date: April 7, 2005
Materials: Legal Responsibilities (pdf file)

Teleconference: Serving with and supervising individuals with low vision
Date: February 28, 2005
Materials: Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals; Serving with and Supervising People with Visual Disabilities

Teleconference: Topic: Perception of disability by diverse cultures
Date: January 26, 2005
Materials: Cultural Brokering Transcript (PDF)

2004 Teleconferences

Impact of AmeriCorps member stipend and educational award on Social Security benefits
Date: November 30, 2004
Guest speaker: Kathryn Endo-Roberts, Benefits Planning Assistance and Outreach (BPAO) Specialist, Goodwill Industries of Southern California

Disability awareness: A perspective from a member of the disability community
Date: October 27, 2004
Guest speaker: Valerie Brew-Parrish

A new AmeriCorps program at the University of Nebraska University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)
Date: July 27, 2004
Guest speaker: Dr. Ann Galloway, University of Nebraska Munroe Meyer Institute, UCEDD

Connecting national service opportunities with transitioning high school students with disabilities
Date: June 30, 2004

Guest speakers: Drew Andrews and Kay Hughes, University of Florida University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) and Paul Martell, director of accessibility at Volunteer Florida
Materials:6/30/04 Powerpoint presentation; 6/30/04 handout; Project Connect handout; FL AmeriCorps State Program handout; FL AmeriCorps National Direct Program handout

Sharing promising practices: The Peer Partnership Project at the University of Southern California Center of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities
Date: June 1, 2004
Guest speakers: Dr. Barbara Wheeler, Fran Goldfarb, and Emily Palmer from the University Center of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at University of Southern California
Materials: 6/1/04 Powerpoint presentation #1; 6/1/04 Powerpoint presentation #2; 6/1/04 Powerpoint presentation #3

Members and volunteers with disabilities sharing their experience
Date: April 21, 2004
Guest speakers: Maureen Shenberger, AmeriCorps VISTA member; Kira Fisher, AmeriCorps member; and Emmanuel Jenkins, AmeriCorps member

Accommodations and assistive technology for seniors and older adults
Date: February 25, 2004
Guest speaker: Jean Sherman, director, Center on Aging and Disabilities, University of Miami School of Medicine
Materials: 2/04Powerpoint presentation

Universal design and access for the Web
Date: January 22, 2004
Guest speaker: Alan Parks, Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies, University of Maine
Materials: 1/04 Powerpoint presentation

2003 Teleconferences

Applying Universal Curriculum Design to service learning projects
Date: December 18, 2003
Guest speaker: Andrew Christensen, Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass Boston
Materials: 12/03 Powerpoint presentation

Learning disabilities with discussion on hidden disabilities
Date: November 21, 2003
Materials: 11/03 Powerpoint presentation

Service learning and Individualized Education Plans (IEP)
Date: August 20, 2003
Materials: 8/03 Service learning and IEPs handout

Transportation issues for individuals with psychiatric disabilities
Date: July 25, 2003
Materials: 7/25/03 Handout

Assistive technology
Date: July 2, 2003
Materials: 7/2/03 Assistive Technology handout

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