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National Service and Inclusion Project

Inclusion: The active engagement of people with disabilities as service members in all levels of national and community service

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Advice to Service Programs: For Successful Inclusion

This section is a summary of the advice participants offered to service programs that want to successfully recruit, engage and retain participants with disabilities. Advice is organized into the following categories:

  1. Outreach and Recruitment
  2. Interview
  3. Training
  4. Host Site
  5. Reasonable Accommodation
  6. Disability Law
  7. Etiquette

Outreach and Recruitment:

Outreach· focusing on that community and saying to that community: "We want your participation. We believe that you have the skills that are needed to help other communities." Outreach is the key: to get out there and to notify every disability organization that you can think of, and not just notify, you need to develop relationships. The best way to get a community involved in your cause is to get involved in their cause also. [Service programs] not only need to do outreach and recruit people with disabilities, but they need to integrate themselves in that community. We need to be a part of that community.
Peter Anderson, Director, Vancouver Housing Authority Statewide VISTA; AmeriCorps/VISTA,1994-1996; Promise Fellow, 1999-2000


If someone identifies as having a disability before the interview, ask them if they need accommodation, what kind, and be prepared to provide it.


Host Site:

Reasonable Accommodation:

Disability law:


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  2. Service & Inclusion: How Do These Concepts Relate?
  3. Disability Awareness: Identifying Barriers to Inclusion
  4. Reasonable Accommodation: Examples and Recommendations
  5. Advice to Service Programs: For Successful Inclusion
  6. Appendix

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